A Debate Challenge: the Holy Bible versus the Holy Quran?

April, 2012

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

I read today with great concern, the news, Florida pastor Terry Jones burns copies of Koran outside church. He is once again spoiling the atmosphere of peace and tranquility in our beloved country, USA.

I challenge him or any Christian scholar in USA or else where to debate with me about collection, compilation, and preservation of the Holy Quran versus the Holy Bible.

Debate will take the form of written articles of certain length to be published in national magazines with a certain frequency. Details to be negotiated. I would hope other students of Islam and Christianity with sufficient proficiency will follow this lead.

This would be a much more productive way of showing to the public, the excellences of our respective scriptures, rather than burning books. Because, ‘Where books are burned, they will ultimately burn people also!’

The featured picture is of cave of Hira:

Cave of Hira Where Revelation of the Holy Quran started

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  1. Nice, a very good idea. “Respect the Bible Day” very nice.
    “Respect the religious diversity day” too.

  2. Qur’an is the Holly Book reveled by God and The God ( Allah Al-Mighty) promised to safeguard the Holly Qur’an. Burning of a copy of Holly Qur’an is nothing but booking of Hell for the burner himself.The burner is made arrangements of his own burning in the hell on the day of Judgement. Qur’an is safe in the hearts of believers.Qur’an is safe in shape of millions of book copies, Qur’an is safe in CDs , DVDs,Hard Discs internet, Websites,in computers.Qur’an is even safe in the heaven with God. (Loh-e-Mahfooz).
    Qur’an is the Holly book in which the prophesy of all the prophets including Moses and Jesus is confirmed and a very respect is given to all other Holly Books including Bible.The miss-guided peoples who made changes in the previous Holly Books according to their cheap wishes. Now want to Burn Holly Qur’an also but they should know that the God himself promised to safeguard this Last and Final Holly Book for ever. This Holly Book is not only for the Muslims but for all Human-beings.

  3. By burning the Holy Qur’an this pastor is not going to put an end to it. Doesn’t he know this? If he doesn’t than he is IGNORANT in more ways than one!

    I love Anisa’s suggestion of having a day or even two days – one for the Bible and another for religious diversity – for respecting them.
    Over and above the civilized challenge that Zia sb has given to this offending pastor and his like.

    This guy is no different from the fire and brimstone breathing Mullahs of Pakistan and elsewhere. They are all birds of a feather.

  4. Quoting from the Express Tribune:

    NEW YORK: The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), representing around 600 million Evangelical Protestants around the world, has condemned the burning of a Holy Quran copy publicly by controversial US pastor Terry Jones in Florida.

    In a press release issued by WEA, secretary general of the alliance, Dr Goeff Tunnicliffe, said that the burning of a “sacred text is wrong and unwanted” and added that the act does not reflect the biblical values.

    “We appeal to Islamic leaders worldwide to understand that this self-proclaimed antagonist does not represent Christians. Indeed he violates the call of Jesus to love people everywhere. Such violence does harm to us all,” Tunnicliffe was quoted as saying.


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