Day: April 24, 2012

Sharing the truth about Islam

Source: Standard FreeHolder – CORNWALL — Muslims from across the country are on a campaign to educate small towns about the truths of their religion, and a few stopped in Cornwall this weekend. Muneer Ahmad Khan came from Ottawa for the open house — held at the Cornwall Public Library […]

Thoughts on Mercy and Suicide

Huff Post Is there a glimmer of mercy in the universe? Dwelling in silence this morning in the ballet studio, I reflected on the 35 years I have called the ballet barre home. As I looked across the room my eye caught the image of one of my fellow classmates […]

Dutch PM tenders cabinet’s resignation

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte tendered his cabinet’s resignation to Queen Beatrix this afternoon. The prime minister’s minority coalition government collapsed at the weekend after the cabinet’s parliamentary backer, the far-right PVV, refused to support the government’s austerity measures. The queen is considering the resignation and a government information service […]

Amnesty says Dutch Muslims face discrimination

Muslims in the Netherlands face discrimination, particularly when it comes to education and the labour market, according to Amnesty International. In a new report released today, Amnesty highlights the proposed banning of the Islamic headscarf. The organisation says a general ban would go too far. Also a Dutch Catholic school’s […]

Crisis in the Hague angers EU

Many EU politicians have berated the Netherlands for failing to avert the political crisis about austerity measures. At the last round of negotiations on the Greek bail-out some five months ago, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager called on EU countries to impose iron […]

Europe gloats over Dutch budget crisis

“It’s an overriding obligation for politicians to honour agreements made.” Those were the words of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, about five months ago. Rutte and his finance minister Jan Kees de Jager have been lecturing the other EU Member States for the past year and a half about the […]

Dutch PM Mark Rutte set to resign

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is to tender his cabinet’s resignation to Queen Beatrix after the collapse of talks on an extra round of austerity measures, Dutch media reported on Monday. It is expected that Rutte will present his resignation to the queen at a meeting at the palace later […]