Day: April 10, 2012

Is Religion the Cause of Most Wars?

Huff Post There are many common misconceptions about religion that are often taken as unquestioned facts, such as the idea that religious people are inherently anti-science, that a literal reading of holy texts is the “true” religious stance, that faith is incompatible with reason, and that all religions claim to […]

Israeli Arabs are the 0.5 percent

Netanyahu says Israel’s Arab citizens are the only ‘truly free’ Arabs in the Middle East, yet he considers even us a burden. Haaretz: By Oudeh Basharat: As it turns out, last summer’s social protests were actually aimed at the Arabs and the ultra-Orthodox. They only seemed to be against big […]

Libyans outshine Syrians as boon to Jordan

Kingdom is not the preferred destination for affluent neighbours by Omar Obeidat | Apr 09,2012 | JORDAN TIMES AMMAN –– The Kingdom was not the preferred destination for affluent Syrians, business leaders told The Jordan Times on Sunday. Economic sectors expected businesses in the Kingdom to boom due to the […]