Conflicting Assessments – New Report Finds Breivik Sane Ahead of Trial

Source: Spiegel International

By Gerald Traufetter in Oslo

Contrary to an initial assessment, right-wing extremist Anders Breivik is not criminally insane, a new report found on Tuesday. Now both reports will be used when he goes on trial for killing 77 people last year. The defendant himself claims to be mentally fit and plans to defend his actions in court.

Norwegian state prosecutor Svein Holden’s office doesn’t have much room left. One wall features two aerial photos, the first of the bombed-out government quarter in Oslo and the other of the tiny island Utøya. Small dots mark the location of each crime that took place on July 22, 2011, when a total of 77 people were killed.

Rows of files are stacked beneath the photos. Some are blue, and deal with the events surrounding the explosion of the car bomb in central Oslo. The black files cover the massacre at the summer camp for the center-left Labor Party’s youth wing, the AUF.

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