Day: April 18, 2012

An Indian Muslim’s response to Pakistan

Pakistan is full of people who still think that they will someday launch a ‘holy war’ or let’s say “Gajwa–e-Hind” on India. They aspire of imposing their colonial rule on India, quite same as America has done in Afghanistan and Iraq. The subjects as it aspires will have a unbreakable […]

A blessing or a bane?

Credit: Pakistan Today by Wasim Saroya By:Rabia Ahmed Hundreds of people are killed in the name of religion Many moons ago in a different continent a Pakistani acquaintance asked me, very seriously, whether she should attend the wedding of her friend’s daughter. Let me explain. My acquaintance, her friend and […]

Lady Bird

Credit: Spiegel Germany Spanish King Juan Carlos’ recent elephant hunting mishap in Botswana resulted in perhaps the most damaging political photo since US presidential candidate Michael Dukakis was photographed in a tank in 1988. The image depicts the king, a patron of the nature conservancy group WWF, holding a rifle […]