India: Religious leaders praise Ahmadiyya community’s efforts to promote peace

Ahmadiyya Times: India; Press Statement : New Delhi: Leaders belonging to different faiths praised Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s effort to promote Peace in society during the one day Peace Symposium held here on Saturday.

The Symposium on Pluralism and Tolerance saw participation from different sections of society including academicians, politicians, media-persons, students, businessmen, social workers and bureaucrats.

The symposium saw representations from all major religions.

Addressing the gathering, Swami Shantamanda Ji, President Ramakrishna Mission Delhi appreciated the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s efforts to promote communal harmony and peace saying  there is a need to highlight the similarities in different religions to promote peace.

Speaking on the same theme, Rev. Father Babu Joseph, Spokesperson Catholic Bishops Conference of India said that diversity and pluralism in society must be celebrated in order to attain peace.

Syed Mahmood Ahmad, President Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Kolkata spoke on the Islamic view of Peace saying that Islam never monopolizes truth.  Syed Ahmad said that the Holy Quran lays great stress on respecting people belonging to different faiths to establish peace.


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  1. A good effort in right direction. Inshallah soon atmosphere in whole India will change if such efforts continue.

  2. India in general is quite tolerant of all faiths, except where it has contact with Pakistan. Most extremist Hindu government in India which is in the state of Gujarat, shares border with Pakistan. Reasons are quite apparent, which are based on the decades of fear that they have lived with. Which is that their temples can again be destroyed and their lives could be at stake. Also, the Hyderabad incident, guess is more so because Hyderabadi muslims in general still tent to maintain contacts with Pakistan, just like British whites who remained in India after India’s liberation from UK maintained contacts with UK. Example of tolerance can be given from the fact that India is the only country in the world where Jews have lived for more than 2000 years without facing anti-semitism. It’s time that Pakistan do something to undo this anti-India hatred which is rooted in anti-Hindu hatred. Zaid Hamid is a champion of the cause of Pakistan. As an Indian i feel disgust at these type of creatures which Pakistan has created and as a Muslim i feel ashamed of calling myself ‘muslim’ at such people!
    “Zaid Hamid calls to kill all hindus”!

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