Day: April 17, 2012

Acid attacks and Pakistani schizophrenia I’m not particularly interested in the Oscars.  Surprising really as I have recently taken to making films myself, but the Oscar winning films are often of little interest (Inception and Inglorious Bastards are rare exceptions).  My ears pricked up however, when news trickled through that there had been a […]

The Key To Inner Peace

Huff Post This afternoon the Dalai Lama addressed the public at the Stand Sheriff stadium at the University of Hawaii. Introduced by Pierre Omidyer, who organized this event with his wife Pam, His Holiness talked about the spirit of Aloha that points the way towards making peace. It symbolizes the qualities […]

Osmania University Beef Festival Leads To Violence

Huff Post A beef festival organized by Dalit students at Osmania University in Hyderabad, India on April 15th erupted into violence, the BBC reports. About 100 members of the Hindu right wing Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarti Parishad (ABVP) protested the festival, leading to five injuries according to The Hindu report. ABVP protested the beef festival on the ground that […]

Mrs. Chirac goes to dance with Sarkozy

France24. One of the highlights of incumbent president Nicolas Sarkozy’s mega campaign rally in Villepinte on March 11 was a surprise appearance by one of France’s most famous first ladies –Bernadette Chirac. Minutes before Sarkozy delivered his keynote speech that day, Mrs. Chirac’s petite frame appeared on the massive stage that […]

Former right-wing president Chirac ‘backs Hollande’

France24. Former conservative French President Jacques Chirac and a number of his family members will vote for Socialist Party candidate Francois Hollande in the forthcoming presidential election, according to media reports Tuesday. According to daily newspaper Le Parisien, Chirac’s daughter Claude, her husband Frederic Salat-Baroux and her former husband Thierry […]

Social terrorism: religious vendetta against Ahmadis

Source: Dawn Religious persecution of people from Ahmadiyya community is not a new development in Pakistan. Ahmadis have long been marginalised from the time when they were declared non-Muslims in the amendment introduced in 1973’s Constitution. Since then, they have been facing the wrath of many Muslims who have fundamental […]

Geert Wilders shortsighted on Turkey

Dutch politician Geert Wilders wants the Netherlands to cancel plans to celebrate 400 years of relations with Turkey. He says Turkish president Abdullah Gül is not welcome here on a state visit this week. But Mr Wilders’ arguments are an insult to adult intelligence, says Radio Netherlands senior editor Robert Chesal. […]

Turkish president welcomed by Queen Beatrix

Wilders: Gül is no friend of the West On Wednesday and Thursday, Mr Gul will travel to The Hague and the southern province of Limburg. The president will open a special Turkish pavilion in the town of Venlo, the birthplace of Geert Wilders. Wilders, whose anti-Islam Freedom Party props up […]

What an honor!

By Zubair Khan Moulvi Dr A Wahab Adam, Amir (Head) of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Ghana once again took the lead and became the forefront runner to get the honor for AMM (Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission) Ghana. In collaboration with Academy of Medical Science (AMS) Germany, eighteen dental surgeons from Ghana, Nigeria […]

I.M.F. Raises Global Forecast for Growth

The International Monetary Fund is more optimistic about the global economy after seeing faster growth in the United States and a coordinated effort in Europe to address its debt crisis, the group said Tuesday. The global lending organization said in its latest economic report that the American economy should expand […]