The Key To Inner Peace

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This afternoon the Dalai Lama addressed the public at the Stand Sheriff stadium at the University of Hawaii. Introduced by Pierre Omidyer, who organized this event with his wife Pam, His Holiness talked about the spirit of Aloha that points the way towards making peace. It symbolizes the qualities of kindness, warm-heartedness, unity, joyfulness, humility patience and perseverance, service to others and seeing the good in all, all the qualities that the Dalai Lama practices.

In his talk today, as always, he started by saying how he is one of us and to think of him like an old friend. There is no difference between him and us, he said. He talked about how the way to happiness is the result of one’s own right actions, including physical, verbal and mental actions.

This includes a hearty body and a hearty mind that leads to Inner Peace. A disturbed mind that has too much stress and anxiety develops frustration and anger and cannot have peace.
Ninety-percent of those negative emotions, psychologists have found, are actually mental negative projections that only serve to distance us from the reality of what is.

So what is the key to Inner Peace? It is simple, so simple.

Warm Heartedness:  The Key To Inner Peace


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