Day: April 7, 2012

What Does Jesus’ Crucifixion Solve?

Christians know why Jesus died: He died for our sins. That’s what we’re taught from the earliest days of Sunday school. And we all know how he died: A particularly gruesome form of public execution known as crucifixion. But many Christians are less sure of how it works. How is […]

An Afghan wedding (in 1970)

During the early 1970s – during the days of King Zahir Shah – Afghanistan was a more open society than now. Schools were available for boys and girls. Ladies could wear the burka or not wear it. In Kabul many ladies wore European clothing. Still, Islamic values were adhered to. […]

Multi-hued Jerusalem

Photos: Faithful flock to Jerusalem Many religious followers, agnostics visit holy sites ……….. Jerusalem…, draws more types of disciples than the average person would expect. It is a magnet for […]

No looking back for us

Credit: via Wasim Sroya WHO was Master Abdul Qudoos Ahmad? How would you know even if you care? The 43-year-old schoolteacher’s story received scant attention in the media. Described by his students and peers as a well-known and ‘much-loved’ schoolteacher, perhaps far more ominously for him, he was also […]