Day: April 26, 2012

Libya bans religious political parties

Lybia – Libyan authorities have banned the formation of political parties based on religious principles ahead of elections scheduled to take place in June. Parties based on faith, tribe or ethnicity will not be eligible to take part, a government spokesman said. The National Transitional Council said the law, passed […]

Holy Qur’an Exhibition set for Alton

Source: Orangeville Citizen – A Quran Exhibition will be held in the Alton community centre this Saturday, April 28, from 12 noon to 4 p.m Sponsored by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Weston North area, Toronto, the forum is designed to enhance a better understanding of the true teachings of the […]

Shari’a Law open house in Midland, CANADA

Source: – MIDLAND – A Muslim organization will pay another visit to Midland this weekend to tackle misconceptions and answer questions about Islam. Saturday’s information session will tackle the subject of “Sharia: The Misunderstood Islamic Law.” It will take place at the Midland Public Library from noon to 4 […]

There Are No Irreligious People

Huff Post We are all religious, every one of us. Religion is deeply rooted in human nature and a response to certain profound and universal needs of humankind. I write these words after reading the essay “Man The Religious Animal” in the April issue of First Things. Authored by Professor Christian […]