Verdict out: SC convicts Gilani of contempt

The Muslim Times’ Editor for Pakistan

Credit: Xpress Tribune

Published: April 26, 2012

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan convicted Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani on Thursday during the announcement of a verdict in the contempt proceedings against him and sentenced him till the rising of court, Express News reported.

The bench found Gilani guilty of contempt of court for refusing to reopen corruption cases against the president, but gave him only a symbolic sentence of a few minutes’ detention in the courtroom, while he did not receive any jail term.

“For reasons to be recorded later, the prime minister is found guilty of contempt for wilfully flouting the direction of the Supreme Court,” said Justice Nasirul Mulk.

A seven-member bench, headed by Justice Nasirul Mulk announced the verdict and convicted him for violating Contempt of Court Ordinance 2003 section 5 and the charges framed against him were for willfully disobeying the court’s orders and ridiculing it.

The court cited article 63 (1) (g) of the Constitution and observed that the premier might face consequences under it.

The judicial bench exited the courtroom as soon as the verdict was announced.

The Article 63 (1) (g) of the Constitution says:

63. Disqualifications for membership of Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament).
(1) A person shall be disqualified from being elected or chosen as, and from being, a member of the Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament), if:-  More

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    Prime Minister of Pakistan Gilani has appeared yesterday before the Apex Court in contempt of court case surrounded by his entire cabinet, federal ministers and allies to demonstrate his power play to the judiciary directly indirectly exhibiting a kind of duress and disrespect to court with his corrupt crowd surrounding him when they also remained absent from their jobs at the cost of taxpayers. The act shows uncivilised conduct of his allies in clear confrontational posture with the judiciary contrary to the alleged claims by his government that they “respect judiciary”.

    Furthermore Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan should think twice before saying ‘President Zardari should not be let to bow his head before a foreign magistrate’ 

    His statements are viewed as a disrespect to global concept of independence of judiciary and rule of law which demands that barrister Aitzaz Ahsan as a lawyer should respect the judicial system of other countries so that they also respect Pakistan’s judicial system and decision making process.




    After the criminal conviction, sentencing and punishment to the Prime Minister Gilani and his moral decadence and arrogance by clear defiance to the apex court’s verdict has now given rise to a new defence “Gilani Defence” to all criminals and defendants not to accept orders of th court because their Prime Minister does not obey hence ordinary Pakistani can use this new Gilani Defence in civil and criminal cases.

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