Day: April 11, 2012

3 dead, 16 hurt in bus bombing

Source: Standard Today (Manila) SUSPECTED extortionists bombed a bus in North Cotabato in Mindanao on Wednesday, killing three passengers and wounding 16 others, the Armed Forces of the Philippines said. The military initially reported 10 dead but regional commander Lt. Col. Benjie Hao later revised the death toll. Muslim rebels […]

Kenya: Ahmadiyya Muslims urge peace, tolerance

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Kenya has called for tolerance, harmony and peaceful coexistence as the country prepares for the next generation elections. Addressing faithfuls during their 46th Annual Convention at Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Muranga Road, Nairobi on Saturday, the Kenyan head of the Mission Naeem Ahmed Mehmood Cheema urged […]

The Princess, the President and the G20

Princess Máxima of the Netherlands visited Indonesia and Malaysia last week to discuss the issue of financial inclusion ahead of the next G20 summit. Dipo Alam, Cabinet Secretary of the Second United Cabinet of the Republic of Indonesia, reports from Jakarta for RNW’s Indonesia desk. The opinions expressed are his […]

Cinema confronts fear of Islam

by Stefania Summermatter in Fribourg, The Toulouse killings have reignited the debate on integration of Muslims in Europe. The issue is also being tackled by contemporary film-makers. A dagger-toting, double-crossing villain with a moustache, a Middle-Eastern accent and an evil look in his eye: whether in literature or in […]

The three letters on Palestine

By OSAMA AL SHARIF ARABNEWS Three missives that sum up the predicament of Palestinians under occupation came under the limelight in the past few days. The first was sent by imprisoned Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti to the Palestinian people and their leadership on the eve of Land Day, which marks […]