Gambia: Ahmadiyya Muslims Jama’at 36th Jalsa Salana Held

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at in The Gambia on Friday held its 36th Jalsa Salana (annual convention) at Masroor Senior Secondary School in Old Yumdum.

Addressing the convention, Amir Sahib Baba F Trawally, the Amir of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at of The Gambia revealed that this blessed and divine gathering started 121 years ago, that was on the 26th December 1891 by Hadhrat the promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi (the imam of the latter days) and was attended by 75 people.

He explained that the gathering is held annually all over the world including The Gambia, where the attendance is over 4000 people. The purpose of the Jalsa Salana, he said, is to teach and learn the noble practices and teachings of the pride of humanity.

According to him, the world is going through turbulent times in all fronts and no one is safe from these crises.He noted that the Muslim world is especially affected and if these crises are not properly checked a global catastrophe is inevitable.


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  1. Hearty congratulations to all the particpants of 36th Annual Jalsa Salana of Gambia. This good news makes this scribe recall the good old days of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Al-Salith when the first Ahmadi Head of the state of Gambia was blessed by the devine act of deliverence of the holy ‘cloths’ of Hazrat-e-Aqdus Masih-e-Maud as prophisized by His Holiness hundred years ago. This historical spiritual,noble act of cloth-deliverence was performed by the missinary,Maulana Ghulam Ahmad Badhomallhi, yes, our Gambian Missionary in those good old days. I recall that nostelgic period of goldeh days when these out-standing personalities, Hazrat Al-salith and maulvi Bedhomalli sahib, were my patrons,my tutors/teachers and my guardians durig my student’s days of late sixties.Ah! Alhamdolillah. Hereby I pray that may God Almighty bless all the departed souls of our dear and near ones of that period of time and also pray that God may make the Gambian Jamaat, during this epoch-making golden era of Hazoor-e-Anwar Al-Khamis, all the more actively strong and successful in all the departments of national life of Gambia and Gambian people, Ameen.

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