Extremism thrives in Pakistan despite bin Laden death

AFP: ISLAMABAD: A year after Osama bin Laden died in a US raid, Al-Qaeda keeps spreading its message of terror in Pakistan, analysts say, with splinter groups threatening the country’s fragile stability.

A campaign of missile attacks by unmanned US drone aircraft in Pakistan’s lawless northwest, long a hideout for militants, has weakened Al-Qaeda’s structure by eliminating some of its leadership.

But analysts say the group’s ideology, its narrative of brave Muslim resistance against wicked American imperialism and the iconic figurehead that bin Laden represented have all struck a chord in a country beset by economic woes and weak political leadership.

Pakistani security officials say groups such as the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi work closely with Al-Qaeda, feed off its ideology and pose a serious threat to security.

In the weeks after bin Laden’s death, the TTP launched a series of high-profile attacks including a double suicide bombing on a police training centre that killed nearly 100 people.


Categories: Asia, Extremism, Pakistan

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  1. Each and every Militant Mullah is equivalent of Bin Laden it in unending

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