Swedish Muslim Politician has been appointed as Human Rights and Goodwill Ambassador for Peace

The International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) has appointed H.E. Malik Nasim Ahmed (Elected Reserve Member of the Swedish Parliament) as the International Human Rights Commission’s Ambassador for Human Rights and Peace At Large for Scandinavia Countries from Sweden from 16th April 2012.

H.E. Malik Nasim was also appointed as a GOODWIL AMBASSADOR OF PEACE AND HUMANITY, Sweden, by Dr. Dr. Datu Camad Ali, Founding Chairman & Executive President of Southern Philippines Muslim &Non-Muslim Unity & Development Association (SPMUDA International).

H.E. Malik Nasim is renowned for his services to humanity and his efforts for the efforts of human rights and peace. He is working for the democracy, Right of vote for all the citizens of every country and freedom of expression and speech, as these are the fundamental requirements for the establishment of lasting peace in the world.

He also is working against the severe persecutions on religious and ethnic grounds. He is a firm believer of religious freedom and tolerance. These two important appointments are clear evidence of his love and services for mankind.

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  1. Masha’Allah. Well done and many congratulations!
    May Allah bless your efforts. Ameen

  2. Hope you fulfill your duties keeping all the Holy books in mind which teach us peace and love, as our prime motto is: “Love For All Hatred For None”

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