Day: March 22, 2012

Group educates community about Holy Qur’an

Source: Lloydminster Source – After a campaign where members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Group went door-to-door, dispelling myths about the Islam religion, Lloydminster residents recently had another chance to learn more about the eastern faith. Representatives from the youth group were at the Lloydminster Public Library late Thursday afternoon, […]

Roger Scruton and the kindly atheists

Source: the Guardian In recent weeks, atheists and agnostics who are friendly towards religion have been filling the column inches. Editors, and perhaps readers, are weary of the so-called militant secularism evangelised by you know who. So kindly non-believers have been commissioned. But there is something paradoxical about their appreciation […]

The common touch

Credit: TOI  It’s something Mitt Romney and Rahul Gandhi are trying too hard to show they have. On Tuesday, American Republicans in the state of Illinois had the chance to vote for their choice to face Barack Obama in November. They backed former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, who needed a […]

Mad scramble for Afghan exits

Credit: Asia Times: The continuing lull in US-Pakistan relations complicates the Afghan withdrawal process for European forces, with Central Asian routes more expensive and diplomatically complex than the Pakistani link closed over last November’s friendly fire incident. Anger at “negative acts” by US troops is also high among US allies. […]

Russia nudges Syria to move on

Credit: Asia Times: The latest United Nations Security Council statement on Syria displays unanimity of opinion over the year-long crisis. The onus on the West now is to find a way to work with Russia rather than around Russia, which is taking a lead role in pressurizing President Bashar al-Assad. […]