Salman Rushdie to write book on Imran Khan

The Muslim Times’ Editor for Pakistan

BY  ON MARCH 22ND, 2012

Controversial novelist, author and your mother-in-law trapped in a middle-aged man’s body, Salman Rushdie, announced in London that he is planning to write a book on his relationship with Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician-should-turn-cricketer-again, Imran Khan.

Talking to journalists at London’s Heathrow Airport, Rushdie told reporters that the book is mostly about the art of reverse swing bowling that Imran pioneered during his cricketing days. The book will be called ‘Satanic Reverses.’

Rushdie’s book will be based on his talks with Imran during the time when he first met him in London in 1880. Imran had been invited by Lord John Windstorm and Lady Windstorm for dinner at their luxurious and ghost-infested castle in suburban London.

‘Imran was a very charming young lad then,’ Rushdie told the media personnel. ‘I particularly fancied his Duran Duran hair-cut and his extensive knowledge of London’s finest milk bars.’

Rushdie and Imran recently experienced an acrimonious fall out when Imran refused to attend a Duran Duran reunion concert in Mumbai in which Rushdie was also invited to perform a live human sacrificial ritual on stage to summon the devil.

Talking on the phone from the Aabpara area in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, Imran told this correspondent that he couldn’t even imagine sharing the same stage with a devil worshipper like Salman Rushdie.


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  1. The report, by Nadeem Paracha, on the Imran-Rushdie Saga is riddled with inaccuracies. Here’s one example. The author of the report includes the following piece of news.
    “Rushdie, while sticking pins in a voodoo doll that uncannily looked like an 1880 version of Imran, said: ‘Imran also met former Libyan dictator, Colonel Qadhafi, at the Windstorm’s castle. In fact, Qadhafi offered him $10 million to work as his double.’
    Imran agrees that Qadhafi made the offer, but says that the offer was not made at the Windstorm’s castle, but during hajj.
    ‘You can ask the camel that accompanied Qadhafi when he came to meet me at my tent there,’ Imran said.
    When some media personnel travelled to Saudi Arabia to meet the camel they were told that the camel was executed in 1987 by Saudi authorities for showing affection to a female camel in public. Its meat was then donated to Pakistan.”
    There is a grave error involved here. The fact is camel’s meat did not make it to Pakistan. A Doctor told a Sheikh: “The camel must be with testosterone loaded”. When the Sheikh “understood” the comment he decided to hoard the meat. But somehow word got around. The last this investigative reporter saw of that camel was a piece of skin and two Bedouins quarrelling over it.
    If you see any witticism in the above “correction” it is intended and it is just a reflection on the general insecurity of human males.

  2. Ahmed Salman Rushdi is a Qadiani and against Muslims and Holly Quran.Imran Khan is also a Qadiani and Yahoodi agent in pakistan. He filled out the top party positions with other Qadianis like Sah Mehmood Qureshi, Shafqat Mehmood, Khaursheed Mehmood Qusuri, Mehmood ur Rasheed, Mehmood Khan etc; etc;

  3. All MEHMOODs are going to takeover the party. The name “Mehmood” is a very
    holly and an honour, so it is very common among Qadianis due to name of Mirza Bashiruddin MEHMOOD,
    the son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed as well as 2nd Khalifa of Qadianis)

    Shah MEHMOOD Qureshi
    Vice Chairman Tehreek e Insaf Pakistan

    Shafqat MEHMOOD
    General seceratry Tehreek e Insaf Pakistan

    Hammad MEHMOOD Cheema
    Dy Seceratry Int’l affairs
    Tehreek e Insaf

    MEHMOOD ur Rasheed
    President PTI Lahore

    Khaursheed MEHMOOD Qusuri
    Tehreek e Insaf Pakistan

    Mian MEHMOOD
    PTI, Bahawal pur

    Shahid MEHMOOD
    MPA , PML-N
    Joined Pakistan Tereek e Insaaf

    Zeshan MEHMOOD
    PTI, Chakwal

    Asad MEHMOOD
    PTI, UK

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