Day: March 8, 2012

Putting record straight

Credit: Telegraph and Argues via Wasim Saroya of Selvenia: Mujeeb Rahman A Muslim group staged a two-week exhibition in Keighley library to dispel what it describes as misrepresentations of Islam’s central text. Temporary information boards displaying explanations of the content of the Koran were displayed on the library’s ground floor, […]

Should we laugh or cry?

By Bin Ismail A while ago an Ahmadi said “assalamo alaikum”, meaning ‘peace be unto you’ to the mulla of his neighborhood. Though courteous, this was obviously not a very wise act on the part of the Ahmadi gentleman. The mulla returned the courtesy by lodging a complaint against the […]

Top military leader talks of risk for US in Syria

By DONNA CASSATA | AP ARABNEWS WASHINGTON: Defense Secretary Leon Panetta pushed back on Wednesday against fresh demands for US military involvement in Syria to end President Bashar Assad’s deadly crackdown on his people. “What doesn’t make sense is to take unilateral action right now,” Panetta told the Senate Armed […]