Day: March 2, 2012

10-Minute Moves For Strength, Speed and Agility

Be light on your feet Super-fun workout alert: Leap into these moves (based on Equinox’s Blockbuster Body class) designed to make you stronger, faster, and more agile. To get totally toned from this shape-up—co-created by Lisa Wheeler, Equinox’s national creative program manager of group fitness—choose a move for your arms, […]

Monarch Lotus: a flower shaped solar energy collector

The four-meter-wide Lotus not only looks like nature’s symbol of renewal but folds up the same as nature’s version. In his research, Dr. Hui employs biomimicry, a design discipline that seeks sustainable solutions by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. The new Lotus is capable of generating enough power (2 […]

For minorities, now is the time to report

By Michael Young The Daily Star, Lebanon It is unfortunate that among those most anxiously observing the uprising in Syria (and not only Syria) have been members of the Middle East’s religious and ethnic minorities. Indeed, Syria’s Alawite leadership is perpetrating a butchery partly because it expects its community to […]

How the UN “Swiss paradox” was resolved

by Armando Mombelli, On March 3, 2002, the Swiss population narrowly voted to join the United Nations – a historic decision. It came after more than half a century of refusing to be part of the body, out of fears linked above all to safeguarding Switzerland’s cherished neutrality. “The […]

EU Praises Ghana’s Democratic Credentials

Credit: Ghananian Time: Ambassador Claude Maerten The Head of the European Union (EU), Ambassador Claude Maerten has praised Ghana for its democratic credentials, saying the country has been recognized worldwide as the beacon of democracy in Africa. The Ambassador made the observation when he paid a working visit to the […]

‘The Prophet came from Jordan’

Islam is a mishmash of earlier religions. Muhammad was an Arab version of the Greek poet Homer. Islam didn’t arise in Mecca but in the Jordanian city of Petra. The Arab conquests came first, and only then the Muslims. In his new book The Fourth Beast, British historian Tom Holland makes […]