They eat with dogs and get spit on but Pinay maids work on

HONG KONG — Whenever her Chinese employer is displeased with her work, a Filipina working in one of the high-rise apartments here is ordered to sit in a corner all day long, her back pressed hard against the cold steel frame of the dining table.

Then comes the battery of verbal assault from the employer and her children.

But there are times, too, when her employer spares her the verbal attack. This is when all members of the family literally spit at her.

In another part of this former British colony, another Filipina is locked out of the house unless she covers her feet with plastic shopping bags.

She is not allowed to touch anything inside the house unless she wears gloves. Inside her small room, her bed is covered with layers and layers of plastic and spread out newspapers.

Her boss thinks she is dirty.

Another Filipina is deprived of food unless she eats with the dogs.

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2 replies

  1. Why do people treat others as if their dirt? Yes, house helpers maybe different from their employers in terms of knowledge or culture but they should be treated with RESPECT. They endured loneliness and abuse in order to provide good future for their family. That is HEROISM. All humans are EQUAL in the eyes of God whether rich or poor, no one is allowed to treat another human as if their animals.

  2. There is a hadith (saying of the Prophet, peace be on him): “Pay your workers before their sweat is dry”. Unfortunately many employers of house helpers forgot this hadith. Another hadith states: ‘Feed your slaves the same that you eat.’ Naturally today’s helpers should be treated better not worse than slaves.

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