Day: March 3, 2012

9 Foods That May Help Save Your Memory

Healthy eating lowers your risk of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, but it’s not yet clear if that’s true for Alzheimer’s disease as well. “I can’t write a prescription for broccoli and say this will help—yet,” says Sam Gandy MD, PhD, the associate director of the Mount Sinai Medical Center […]

New Computers Respond to Students’ Emotions, Boredom

ScienceDaily (Mar. 2, 2012) — Emotion-sensing computer software that models and responds to students’ cognitive and emotional states — including frustration and boredom — has been developed by University of Notre Dame Assistant Professor of Psychology Sidney D’Mello, Art Graesser from the University of Memphis and a colleague from Massachusetts Institute […]

Leave the eurozone, Dutch populists say

The Netherlands should drop the euro and reintroduce the guilder, according to a study commissioned by the Freedom Party (PVV). The eurosceptic party, led by anti-immigration MP Geert Wilders, says that the introduction of the euro has cost the Netherlands more than it has yielded. The Dutch gained 800 euros […]

Delhi World Book fair: A fair like no other

In Delhi it’s that time of year again when publishers, distributors and retailers are scrambling around frantically getting everything from point-of-sale to stocks right. It’s the World Book fair (WBF), which comes around once every two years sprawling across the giant halls of Pragati Maidan. This is the fair’s 20th […]

Malaysia among top furniture exporters worldwide

KUALA LUMPUR: Hundreds of pieces of furniture will be on display at the 18th edition of the five-day Malaysian International Furniture Fair, beginning here on March 6. Close to 500 local and foreign furniture manufacturers and exporters are participating in the exposition, organised by MIFF Sdn Bhd. The fair, where […]

Stevens Institute of Technology honours Rosmah

NEW JERSEY: Stevens Institute of Technology, a premier private co-educational university focused on research and entrepreneurship and committed to exploring the frontiers of engineering, science, and management, bestowed its highest award on Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, wife of the Malaysian prime minister. The university’s president, Dr Nariman Farvardin, presented the […]

Burning of the Book and the Great game

By AIJAZ Z. SYED ARABNEWS Are the Americans really that dumb? I mean after spending 11 years in the world’s most dangerous battlefield and dealing with the fiercely proud and famously hot-blooded Afghans you have to be stark, raving mad to be doing what the Americans were found doing last […]