9 Foods That May Help Save Your Memory

Healthy eating lowers your risk of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, but it’s not yet clear if that’s true for Alzheimer’s disease as well.

“I can’t write a prescription for broccoli and say this will help—yet,” says Sam Gandy MD, PhD, the associate director of the Mount Sinai Medical Center Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, in New York City.

(The National Institutes of Health recently said there is insufficient evidence that food, diet, or lifestyle will prevent Alzheimer’s disease.)

It’s not a lost cause though. Here are 9 foods that researchers think will keep your whole body—including your brain—healthy.

Editor’s note: The red grape juice would be better alternative of red wine

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  1. In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    I am diabetic and some times high blood pressure person, I depend but very little on allopathic Medicine and by the Grace of Allah every thing is well under control, however I use one baby aspirin (81 mg) one pill of Metformin 500 mg daily use Cinnamon and some time Homeopathic medicine and other natural/herbal method and intake of much liquids and fiber rich foods. Alhamdolillah.
    Zarif Ahmad

  2. This article is posted as food for thought! Please do not take it as endorsement by the Muslim Times of this information and do your necessary search to evaluate the scientific validity of this information.

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