Day: March 16, 2012

Philippine Competitiveness

MANILA, Philippines — For several decades now, the country had been struggling to rise from a negative image in several critical economic aspects, one of which is competitiveness. The good news is that last year, it climbed 10 notches to become No. 75 in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global […]

Faith Inspires: Interfaith Encounter Association

This week’s Faith Inspires highlights the Interfaith Encounter Association. Like last week’s Faith Inspires organization, the IEA works in Israel to unite leaders from diverse religious backgrounds. The group is a-political and all-inclusive, running a wide array of community building projects — from study groups for women to the hand-crafted wares sold through Oil for […]

Palestinian crisis likely to deepen without more aid

Reuters | Mar 15,2012 | JORDAN TIMES RAMALLAH — The aid-dependent Palestinian economy faces a deepening crisis unless foreign support grows and Israel eases restrictions on its trade, the World Bank said on Thursday. The Western-backed Palestinian Authority is relying on foreign aid to cover a 2012 budget deficit projected […]