Day: March 13, 2012

UFO Caught On Tape Over Santiago Air Base

Is this the case UFO skeptics have been dreading? Sightings of mysterious flying craft with capabilities unknown on Earth have confounded mankind throughout recorded history. Most have been convincingly explained away as unfamiliar aircraft, natural phenomena or illusions. But then there are the others, witnessed in our time by pilots […]

Israel uses Gaza to test its Iron Dome

By LINDA HEARD, ARABNEWS People who believe Israel has the right to send its bombs and emissaries anywhere on the planet to carry out extrajudicial assassinations have a warped moral compass. However it’s dressed, murder is murder. It’s bad enough when an individual premeditates to take the life of another […]

OIC to dispatch humanitarian aid to Syria

By JEDDAH: GALAL FAKKAR, ARAB NEWS STAFF The 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will send humanitarian assistance to Syria after Damascus gave its consent to the move, the Jeddah-based organization announced yesterday. “The OIC secretariat received a written letter from the Syrian government allowing it to send humanitarian aid […]