Norway: Ahmadiyya Bait-un-Nasr Mosque to add planned community, cultural center

Ahmadiyya Times: Aftenposten By Magnus Brattset Drabløs: Ahmadiyya community in Oslo wants to build housing, cultural and business center around the mosque site, writes Aftenposten.

It is uncertain who will be charged with development of the plans, but the community does not want to sell the land.

– Open Sales

“We do not have the details ready yet,” says Ayaz Mahmood Ahmed, secretary of the community. “But we can foresee building homes by the organization and we are trying to raise capital through contributions by members of the community.”

The community is made up of nearly 2000 members in Norway, most of whome already live in Oslo or the neighboring municipalities.

But there are also members of Kristiansand, Bodø, Trondheim and Tønsberg whom, Ayaz feels, would like to move into the new apartments.

“It may be attractive to our members to settle there,” says Ayaz. “But it is an open sale, so if someone else also wants to, they can buy too.”


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  1. Ayaz sahib,
    Mashallah beautiful mosque. I saw your picture on net. If you had not told me it was not easy to reconize. We have all changed with the time.
    Remember us in your prayers.

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