Day: March 29, 2012

Islamophobia as a political ploy

Source: the guardian Consider the case of a controversial cartoon. Not the notorious Danish cartoons, but a cartoon published in the New York Post last month. A response to revelations that emerged in February about the NYPD’s large-scale spying on American Muslim students after 9/11, it portrayed three hook-nosed, turbaned terrorists […]

The Afghan girls who live as boys

Source: BBC Author: Tahir Qadiry For economic and social reasons, many Afghan parents want to have a son. This preference has led to some of them practising the long-standing tradition of Bacha Posh – disguising girls as boys. When Azita Rafhat, a former member of the Afghan parliament, gets her […]

When Home Is No Refuge for Women

Source: The New York Times NEW DELHI — This month, two women’s stories, told courageously, helped to underline the reality of domestic violence in India. Nita Bhalla, a journalist, wrote for the BBC about being physically assaulted by her partner. Meena Kandasamy, a poet and writer on social issues, wrote […]

The Kerala king who embraced Islam

By ALI AKBAR ARABNEWS Published: Feb 9, 2012 For Arabs, Malabar was the most familiar place in the whole Indian subcontinent. The relationship between Arabs and Malabar has a history that dates back centuries. Arab merchants were trading spices such as ginger, pepper and cardamom as well as things like […]