Swiss want to “democratise” UN Security Council

by Rita Emch in New York,

Switzerland and four other states have submitted a draft resolution with proposals for improving the working methods of the United Nations’ most powerful organ.

The aim of the reforms submitted to the UN General Assembly in New York on Wednesday by the “Small 5” group (S5) – Switzerland, Costa Rica, Jordan, Liechtenstein and Singapore – is to make the Security Council more open, transparent and efficient.

The Security Council should also include those UN member states that are not part of the Council more closely in its deliberations, it said.

The vast majority of UN member states are not represented on the Security Council. Nevertheless, all member States are obliged to implement the Council’s decisions.

More transparency and a better inclusion of non-members in the whole decision-making process would result in greater political acceptance and lead to better implementation of the Council’s decisions, said Paul Seger, Swiss ambassador to the UN in New York.

Referring to the S5 initiative, Swiss Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter said in a press statement there was “a legitimate concern to be better informed about the Council’s decision-making process and to have the possibility to be involved in it. This demand is in line with Swiss policy on the UN, which gives priority to institutional reforms and human security for the coming years”.

read more here on SWISSINFO.CH

1 reply

  1. A good proposal, but unlikely to make any difference.

    The only difference could be made by all UN members quitting the UN. Let the ‘permanent members of the Security Council’ sit alone in their palace and no-one should take notice.

    If the UN is a good thing then let it totally re-invent itself – without the undemocratic institution of ‘permanent members’ from the Second World War. (It is a long long time ago…).

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