Month: February 2012

The Shocking Case For Legalizing Infanticide

The ancient Romans used to expose unwanted babies on hillsides. Thankfully, we have come a long way since those bad old days. We would never countenance letting a baby die of exposure or get eaten by animals. No, today’s infanticide promoters insist that babies be killed painlessly. After all, we aren’t barbarians! […]

No new French Armenian genocide law before June

  By RFI There will be no new French law on Turkey’s alleged genocide of Armenians until after France’s presidential election, President Nicolas Sarkozy’s party announced Wednesday. France’s Armenian lobby group has demanded that candidates promise to redraft the bill after it was declared unconstitutional. No sooner had the Constitutional Council […]

Merkel Stuck in the Euro Firewall Trap

Credit:  Spiegel-Germany dapd German Chancellor Angela Merkel has a difficult choice ahead of her. Merkel is damned if she does — but Europe could be damned if she doesn’t. Pressure is growing on the German chancellor to drop her government’s opposition to significantly increasing the size of the permanent euro […]