Targeted attack: Elderly man killed, grandson injured, outside relative’s house

The Muslim Times Editor for Pakistan

Credit : Xpress Tribune

Published: February 29, 2012
HYDERABAD: An 80-year-old man, identified as Chaudhry Akram Arain, was shot dead and his grandson, 18-year-old Muneeb Ahmad, was injured, near a relative’s house in Shaheed Benazirabad on Wednesday.

According to Iqbal Arain, Akram’s nephew, both men were on their way to Akram’s son-in-law’s shop when they were ambushed by two motorcyclists in Camp Two area of the district.

DSP Aijaz Memon said that they were looking into a possible motive for the attack but have so far ruled out a personal enmity. It follows a pattern of similar attacks against Ahmadis.


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  1. I wrote to the Pakistani newspaper:

    Pakistan is a strange country. They call a place where a prayer is recited in exactly the same manner as in all the Mosques in the country a ‘place of worship’, as if it was an agent temple to some strange gods. When will you have the courage to call a Mosque belonging to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat a MOSQUE?

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