Day: February 20, 2012

Taliban Gaining More Resources From Kidnapping

Credit: Newyork Times: LAHORE, Pakistan — A campaign of high-profile kidnappings has provided the Pakistani Taliban and its allies with new resources, arming insurgents with millions of dollars, threatening foreign aid programs and galvanizing a sophisticated network of jihadi and criminal gangs whose reach spans the country. Wealthy industrialists, academics, […]

US, Iran inching toward talks

Credit: Asia Times: By M K Bhadrakumar The foreplay is nearing completion on the Iran situation. The surest sign is that there were no serious takers in Western capitals for the Israeli smear campaign this week that Tehran’s agents had been going about placing bombs in New Delhi, Tbilisi and […]

Religious divide in Africa

SUDAN was bombing South Sudan again last week, only a couple of months after the two countries split apart. Sudan is mostly Muslim, and South Sudan is predominantly Christian, but the quarrel is about oil, not religion. And yet, it is really about religion too, since the two countries would […]

Fake Mulla Nasruddin jokes

I do not know why and from where a lot of fake Mulla Nasruddin now circulate on the internet. Like for instance this one: When Mulla Nasrudin died, his wife decided to have him cremated. The attendant at the crematory showed his widow a display of beautifully decorated urns for […]