West’s poker face at Middle Eastern grand chessboard

by Adrian Salbuchi for RT

The planned neo-colonial takeover of the Middle East is gearing up. As the heat rises, the West finds it increasingly difficult to proceed with its grab for dominance and maintain a brave face, says political analyst Adrian Salbuchi.

Things are happening very fast in the Middle East. Tensions are mounting, threats are being made, and strange assassinations are taking place… Even stranger diplomatic, political, global media, military and economic strings are being pulled; sometimes so quickly, that they’re getting tangled! The atmosphere is becoming very rarefied indeed! A bit of historical perspective might even lead you to think we’re re-living August 1939: the last days before World War II.

But what is really happening over there and why? Well, to begin with, we witnessed twenty years during which the US, UK, France, other NATO members, and Israel have variously attacked, bombed and overrun Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, and Palestine almost constantly and unimpaired.

Millions of Muslims have died as a consequence of these aggressions which have been based either on flagrant lies like Iraq’s non-existent WMDs, or Iran’s alleged A-Bomb program. Blatant double-standards make the media systematically ignore Israeli ethnic cleansing in Palestine. Last year we saw a fabricated and engineered social turmoil throughout the region – dubbed the “Arab Spring.”

There is consistent misrepresentation of the true nature of the Middle East conflict, the true goals of its wide assortment of players, and the true root causes of all the violence and turmoil. But now the Western powers are finally confronted with two tough cookies to crack: Syria and Iran. In these conflicts their masks are starting to fall. And when masks suddenly fall, many are caught off-guard showing their real faces.

For example, how will the Western powers now explain to the world that the so-called “Free Syrian Army” – clearly trained, supported, financed and armed by the Western powers’ covert agencies – now counts on the support of Al-Qaeda, of all people! On 15th February, Al-Qaeda’s leader Ayman al-Zawahri called on “all Muslims from Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon” to come to the aide of the “Syrian rebels.”

(***) read more here, but I have to show you the last para:

Keep one thing in mind, though: Americans invented and play poker, which is a game of deceit and lies. The Sassanid Persians from whom today’s Iranians descend invented chess in the 7th Century, which is a game of strategy and intelligence…

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The US Navy's USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier (Reuters / Tyrone Siu)

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