Day: February 13, 2012

The Death Penalty for Tweets?

Posted: 02/132012 8:01 am Farzana Hassan, Author- The Huffington Post GET UPDATES FROM FARZANA HASSAN The Death Penalty for Tweets? The sad case of Saudi writer Hamza Kashgiri facing charges for blasphemy The fate of Hamza Kashgiri is now in the hands of rabid and bloodthirsty Saudi clerics. The young […]

Italy’s Mosque Wars

Source: SOEREN KERN, Right Side News. The southern Italian island of Sicily is about to become the proud new owner of a multi-million euro mega-mosque. The mosque, to be built in the medieval town of Salemi in southwestern Sicily, is being paid for by the oil-rich Persian Gulf Emirate of […]

Moderate Pakistani students advocate for peace, love and harmony

Students from Pakistan’s top educational institutions, including COMSATS, Government College University (GCU), Forman Christian College (FCC), Professional Academy of Commerce (PAC) and several others, both Muslims and non-Muslims urged that youth and students should play their due roles in peace-building, promoting tolerance, co-existence, nation-building and bridging the religious and cultural […]

Economists Warn of Long-Term Perils in Rescue of Europe’s Banks — Few would begrudge Mario Draghi his boast last week that he and the European Central Bank had prevented a disastrous credit crisis by showering banks with cheap loans in December. But beneath the gratitude toward Mr. Draghi, the president of the central bank, lurks a fear that the […]