Day: February 3, 2012

Syria’s decisive moment

By HASSAN BARARI, ARABNEWS Unfortunately, while the Arabs agree on the need to see the back of the regime, they have not yet done their homework as to what should be done once the regime is on the run. It is hard to avoid the feeling that Syria’s decisive moment […]

Youth dispel myths about Islam

Source: Brampton Guardian – In an effort to dispel myths about Islam, a group of Muslim youth has organized an open house in the city. The event by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Canada (AMYA), a national non-profit group, will take place Saturday, Feb. 4 at the Four Corners […]

The very excellent Difa-e-Pakistan Council

One cannot be faulted for assuming that the Difa-e-Pakistan Councilmay perhaps comprise of officials of the defence ministry, four-star generals and decorated admirals who wish to ponder over the defence needs of the country and make major strategic decisions. To find out that it is actually a motley crew of fourty-odd religious […]

Think Like a Doctor: The Sleeping Wife

The Challenge: Can you solve a medical mystery involving a 43-year-old woman who suddenly falls asleep and can’t be awakened? The Diagnosis column of The New York Times Magazine regularly asks Well readers to sift through a difficult medical case and solve a diagnostic riddle. This month’s puzzle is a two-part challenge […]

Identity vs. integration: Radical Islamist group ‘freaks out’ Belgian community

Russian TV: The Islamic fundamentalist group Shariah4Belgium has been criticized for its aggressive stance and lack of inter-religious tolerance. Belgian Muslims say they feel threatened by the group’s ideology, which they fear scares people away from Islam. Shariah4Belgium came under the spotlight after it opened the country’s first Sharia court, […]

The Ahmadiyya community has once again been targeted by banned terrorist organisations: Asian Human Rights Commission

The Ahamadiyya community, a minority religious community, is again facing systematic genocide from the militant religious groups in coming days particularly from the banned terrorist organizations that have made a joint strategy to force them to leave Pakistan. This campaign has been started from the garrison city of Rawalpindi, Punjab […]

Mystified Justice

Credit: Imam Wasim Saroya: If you are Pakistani passport holder chances are you have signed a declaration claiming Qadianis as non-Muslims, this means that you declare them prohibited from calling themselves ‘Muslim’, to call their ‘places of worship’ mosques, to pray in ‘Muslim mosques’ or ‘public prayer areas’, to give […]

Why this kolavari di?

Credit: as intimated by Imam Wasim Saroya: -Photo Courtesy Ayesha Vellani/White Star What have the Ahmadis done to deserve this treatment in this Islamic republic of ours? The latest bout of hate speeches against the Ahmadi community and threats hurled at them was witnessed in Rawalpindi’s Satellite Town last […]