Day: February 6, 2012

Philippine quake leaves 43 dead

Source: China Daily MANILA, the Philippines – A 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of the central Philippines on Monday, killing at least 43 people and causing widespread panic, officials said. The powerful quake hit in a narrow strait between the heavily populated island provinces of Negros and Cebu, causing […]

The Stunning Collapse Of Iran’s Currency

In a recent two-part series on the tensions between the United States and Iran, my colleague David Lee Smith provided readers with a broad and insightful overview of the unfolding crisis. He discussed the European Union’s newly implemented embargo against Iranian oil, the contentious relationship between Shiite Iran and its Sunni neighbors, […]

Europe’s Banks Reluctant to Aid Companies in Need of Cash — European governments are not the only ones struggling with debt — so are some of the region’s companies. As profits and sales slip, some European businesses are scrambling to pay their bills. With banks reluctant to lend, the fear is that companies will be unable to come up […]

Ron Paul: US education indoctrinates children

Source / Courtesy: Speaking to a group of homeschooling advocates US Republican Congressman and 2012 presidential hopeful Ron Paul warned that the US Department of Education was working to “indoctrinate” their children. “They [US Department of Education] don’t educate our kids, they indoctrinate our kids,” he said. “It’s a […]

Dawkins made it to my sociology class

Credit: Imam Wasim throuhg Express Tribune: A Pakistani undergraduate class was shown a Richard Dawkins documentary in a sociology course. DESIGN: SIDRAH MOIZ: Growing up in a society that discouraged asking too many questions, I often wondered what it is about modern western education that the conservative right is so […]

A New Question of Internet Freedom

Source: NY Times.   PARIS — European activists who participated in American Internet protests last month learned that there was political power to be harnessed on the Web. Now they are putting that knowledge to use in an effort to defeat new global rules for intellectual property. In the U.S. […]