Why speak for the Ahmadis?

………. The State has a responsibility to restrain these fanatical, terrorist outfits from spewing venom against fellow citizens and so do the free media and the liberals. Every one of us (including myself) who has obtained a passport has signed the declaration that the Ahmadi prophet is an imposter and a liar; we can begin by refusing to do that. It would be shameful if we decide to sit on the sideline for the cause of Ahmadis in Rawalpindi or elsewhere.

Source: The Express Tribune:

By Saroop Ijaz

The Writer (not an Ahmadi) is a lawyer and partner at Ijaz and Ijaz Co in Lahore saroop.ijaz@tribune.com.pk.

The capacity to feel and display moral outrage is a fair indicator of aliveness of a society. In the reaction to a recent episode involving a nosy, pretentious and holier-than-thou morning programme anchor we had a mildly heartening demonstration that we are not completely dead yet. The primary argument was the invasion of privacy; however there was also the element of ‘selective outrage’ being put on show by that anchor. For example picking, on a public park instead of a more ‘chic’ outlet, where probably she and her cameras would not have been allowed, etc. There may be a neat bit of irony here, around about the same time, there were calls by the Jamaat-ud-Dawa and the Jamaat-i-Islami and others for the shutting down of an Ahmadi place of worship (I will be in breach of law if I say ‘mosque’) in Rawalpindi. I do not want to create a false binary here and I am glad that the snooping dame is unemployed now, and commend the people who played their part in bringing that about. Nevertheless, I find it astounding that the happenings in Rawalpindi escaped the notice of our liberal ‘intelligentsia’ almost completely, at least in mainstream public discourse; hence furnishing a near identical example of partially what the television anchor was guilty of. The alternate explanation is grimmer, that being that it was not for failure to notice, but rather fear. Read more

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  1. Thanks S Ejaz and hats off for the bold stand of Express Tribune. However here I see this problem from an other angle. English Press/Media which to my knowledge is read and heard constitutes only 20-25% population of the Pakistan. (This is just a broad guess and can be wrong) People on whose agitation or protest anti Ahmadiyya steps are taken do not even know iota of what is being said and written in English Press or media. Similarly I am more than 100% confident that if this article is translated in to Urdu no significant news paper of Pakistan will ever be ready to publish this article. Learned class of the Pakistan which also understands English already favours that anti Ahmaddyya laws are bad stigma on the face of Pakistan. However how to reach to the actual population of Pakistan and make them clear that these anti ahmadiyya laws áre not bringing good name to the country. Politicians are also afraid of this aspect as they have to beg votes from those who do not speak or understand English. Similarly the media which is most popular and watched extensively is also not ready to discuss this issue. Can people like S Ejaz, those who matter and have deep effect in Urdu section of the press and popular media of Pakistan also come forward and take up this matter?

  2. Thanks a lot Mr. Saroop Ijaz for expressing your views so forcefully while many shiver to jot it down. Touth prevails and falsehood vanishes away. It is matter of time when all this hubbub will subside and reality will shine forth.
    I am glad that conscience is still alive in a soul like you.
    Kalimullah Khan

  3. Bismillah Hirrahma Nirraheem (In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful)
    Islam is the Deen of Peace and Holy Prophet P.b.u.h. that his mission is Mokari-mul-Akhlaq, to teach and depict the best Moral values, on the other hands the Mullah of today is totally Bank corrupt in ethical values. In the words of Allama Iqbal, “Deen-a-mullah fee sbeelillah fasad” If the logic is with Mullah’s side, they need not use the mean vapors of persecution as Holy Quran says, “Let that be living, who live because of argument and let that be dead who is dead because of Argument. The only argument with mullah is dunda (Rod) or gun point.
    Even if Ahmadies are false, at least they are peaceful and peace loving citizens of the country and paying the tax of the country, they become the Zimmees of the State and the State is duty bound to safe their lives wealth and honors
    Zarif Ahmad

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