Day: February 16, 2012

…………. till then, there is no ban

Lahore Bar denies ‘Shezan juice ban’ Shezan Juice ban becomes controversial as its owners were Ahmadis, showing ethnic racialization. File Photo LAHORE: The Lahore Bar Association denies it has – as yet — banished a soft drink brand from its domain amid a raging debate that has spawned many issues […]

VU university cancels Islam debate

Amsterdam’s VU University has cancelled a symposium due to be attended by a controversial British-Palestinian Islamic law expert following protests from MPs and Jewish groups. Sheik Haitham al-Haddad had been invited to attend two days of discussion on the position of Islamic academics in the west but the event has […]

Attack on Iran easier said than done

Credit:Asiatimes: By David Isenberg WASHINGTON – Despite renewed media speculation regarding possible Israeli attacks against Iran’s nuclear facilities as early as this spring, skepticism that such a campaign could actually be successfully carried out remains relatively high, raising the question of whether there is more bark than bite to Israeli […]

US wants SWIFT war on Iran

Credit: Asiatimes: By Pepe Escobar What was the parade of European poodles thinking – that Tehran would just roll over and absorb the European Union’s oil embargo, scheduled to start on July 1?  No wonder Brussels was caught as a Gucci deer in the headlights when the news started to […]