Day: February 16, 2012

VU university cancels Islam debate

Amsterdam’s VU University has cancelled a symposium due to be attended by a controversial British-Palestinian Islamic law expert following protests from MPs and Jewish groups. Sheik Haitham al-Haddad had been invited to attend two days of discussion on the position of Islamic academics in the west but the event has […]

Attack on Iran easier said than done

Credit:Asiatimes: By David Isenberg WASHINGTON – Despite renewed media speculation regarding possible Israeli attacks against Iran’s nuclear facilities as early as this spring, skepticism that such a campaign could actually be successfully carried out remains relatively high, raising the question of whether there is more bark than bite to Israeli […]

US wants SWIFT war on Iran

Credit: Asiatimes: By Pepe Escobar What was the parade of European poodles thinking – that Tehran would just roll over and absorb the European Union’s oil embargo, scheduled to start on July 1?  No wonder Brussels was caught as a Gucci deer in the headlights when the news started to […]