Day: February 19, 2012

The sins of the fathers

Shakila was only eight-years-old when she and her cousin were abducted from their home. One night, men armed with AK-47s barged into her house and dragged her out as recompense for dishonoring an influential man in the district. You may wonder how a girl of such tender age could have […]

Is There An Easy Way To Increase Self-Control?

Work on improving your posture. From Willpower: Resdiscovering the Greatest Human Strength: Unexpectedly, the best results came from the group working on posture. That tiresome old advice—“Sit up straight!”—was more useful than anyone had imagined. By overriding their habit of slouching, the students strengthened their willpower and did better at tasks that […]

12 Ways Companies Spy On You

Companies know a lot about you. Probably more than you’re comfortable with. Charles Duhigg of the New York Times wrote yesterday about how major corporations use sophisticated statistical analysis in an effort to know exactly how to target customers. Data mining is a $100 billion industry, according to Martin Lindstrom’s “Brandwashed,” which we used […]