Day: February 1, 2012

Blasphemy laws

THE list of those charged or accused under the country’s questionable blasphemy laws — that too on the flimsiest of pretexts — is far too long. Soofi Mohammad Ishaq, sentenced to death by a judge in Jhelum on Monday in a blasphemy case, is another addition to this unenviable list. As […]

Taslima’s book launch cancelled

Source: BDNews24 Dhaka, Feb 1 ( – Kolkata Book Fair cancelled the release of Taslima Nasreen’s latest book, Nirbashan, which was scheduled at 3 pm Tuesday. The organisers of the fair, Publishers and Booksellers Guild, telephoned the publisher to cancel the auditorium booking, The Times of India said. “We were […]

Rumor: NFC coming to iPhone5

Source: Webpro News. Ed McLaughlin, head of emerging payments at MasterCard, has given some weight to rumors that Apple’s next iPhone will finally include near field communication technology. In a recent interview with Fast Company, McLaughlin said that he expected the use of contactless payment systems like MasterCard’s PayPass – […]

Can Muslim states demilitarize politics?

By Shahid Javed Burki The Daily Star Can Muslim governments free themselves from their countries’ powerful militaries and establish civilian control comparable to that found in liberal democracies? This question is now paramount in countries as disparate as Egypt, Pakistan and Turkey. To predict how this struggle will play out, […]

A dragon dance in the Negev

Credit: Asiatimes on Line: Bedouins of the Negev will soon witness a Chinese-built railway line snake its way through the desert to the Mediterranean and Levant Basin oil and gas reserves. The “Med-Red” plan is symbolic of China’s bold Middle East advance on three tracks: Iran, Gulf states and Israel. […]

Meet the UAE’s Single Bright Females

Until recent years, a woman’s identity was often based on her relationship to a man. Before she married, she carried her father’s name – meaning, this girl is a daughter of this man. Once she was married, she took her husband’s name – meaning, this woman belongs to this man’s […]