Meet the UAE’s Single Bright Females

Until recent years, a woman’s identity was often based on her relationship to a man. Before she married, she carried her father’s name – meaning, this girl is a daughter of this man. Once she was married, she took her husband’s name – meaning, this woman belongs to this man’s family. Wo-man. Fe-male. Mr and Mrs. Even the word ‘lady’ crept out of the word ‘lord’ a millennium ago. If you take the masculine part away, all you’re left with is an adjunct. A prefix. A meaningless couple of letters that don’t amount to much… What a depressing metaphor for females.

Fast forward to 2012. The percentage of 30-something single females has doubled in three decades. And, for many, being single is a choice rather than a cruel twist of fate. Better education for girls has led to more equality in the workplace and therefore financial independence. Contraception has meant freedom from being a slave to biology. Social acceptance of divorce has allowed women to leave unhappy marriages, while stricter child maintenance laws has meant that, even with kids to feed, women can go it alone. All of these factors have fused to create a new breed of young women – one free of the practical need to be married. What’s interesting is that now liberated from male-dependance, many women are opting for a life sans man.

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