Day: February 4, 2012

Racialized Communication Met With Silence In The Classroom

ScienceDaily (Nov. 20, 2008) — A new article in the journal Communication, Culture & Critique illustrates the ways some college students bear the costs of silence-mediated racialized communication in their everyday classroom activities. Specifically, the essay shows that White privilege enables racially laden communication that regenerates, albeit unintentionally, the social exclusion […]

Job Gains Reflect Hope a Recovery Is Blooming front wheels have lifted off the runway. Now, Americans are waiting to see if the economy can truly get aloft. With the government reportingthat the unemployment rate and the number of jobless fell in January to the lowest levels since early 2009, the recovery seems finally to be reaching […]

Farces and fiascos

Credit: Dawn .com: By Irfan Hussain ODDLY, the two institutions that bang the accountability drum the loudest are the very ones that won’t submit to oversight themselves. The higher judiciary has used the threat of contempt of court laws to pre-empt any criticism. The security establishment relies on its muscle […]