Day: February 17, 2012

Black coats and blacker faces

Whilst democracy as practiced by the present dispensation ekes out its revenge upon the Pakistani nation, accompanied by the contempt held, not only for the Supreme Court of the land but for the people at large, an unhealthy segment of the national mindset is sinking into the national sewerage system. […]

Are morning people happier?

A literature on young adults reports that morning-type individuals, or “larks,” report higher levels of positive affect compared with evening-type individuals, or “owls” (Clark, Watson, & Leeka, 1989; Hasler et al., 2010). Morning types are relatively rare among young adults but frequent among older adults (May & Hasher, 1998; Mecacci […]

Working All Day for the I.R.S. Romney is not alone. I thought Mr. Romney’s 13.9 percent federal tax rate would be hard to beat. But among the 400 Americans with the highest adjusted gross incomes in 2008, 30 of them paid less than 10 percent and another 101 paid less than 15 percent. And these […]

Interfaith Harmony award for

A Madin Islamic Academy release here on Tuesday said that the award was aimed at strengthening the message of harmony and tolerance. It said that Yusufali was selected for the award in recognition of his promotional programmes on interfaith harmony initiatives that fortify the great slogan — unity in diversity. […]

Lecture to highlight spinsterhood issue

By ARAB NEWS JEDDAH: How to make the Kingdom’s 1.5 million spinsters happy will be the topic of discussion at an evening lecture program scheduled to be held at Al-Kauther Mosque in Nuzla district on Friday. The program is organized by the Dawa Center in Al-Salama district in association with […]

Hypocrites, to boot

Credit: Express Tribune: By Kamran Shafi I have added the appellation ‘hypocrites’ to the title of my piece of last week, for that is exactly what the commanders of the Deep State are. Lying; pretending; deceiving even their friends and well-wishers; trying to be too-clever-by-half; and when caught out, donning […]