Black coats and blacker faces

Whilst democracy as practiced by the present dispensation ekes out its revenge upon the Pakistani nation, accompanied by the contempt held, not only for the Supreme Court of the land but for the people at large, an unhealthy segment of the national mindset is sinking into the national sewerage system.

This publication did well to report on February 11, the utterly disgraceful and disgusting action taken by members of the Lahore Bar Association (LBA) in passing a resolution asking for a prohibition on the sale in all court canteens of a brand of cold drinks produced by a company owned by members of the Ahmadi community. That this could happen in Lahore, a city which boasts of proud enlightened heritage and that it was instigated by men supposedly also enlightened by dint of their being educated and qualified as lawyers, is indicative of the depths to which the national mindset has sunk.

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