Lecture to highlight spinsterhood issue


JEDDAH: How to make the Kingdom’s 1.5 million spinsters happy will be the topic of discussion at an evening lecture program scheduled to be held at Al-Kauther Mosque in Nuzla district on Friday.

The program is organized by the Dawa Center in Al-Salama district in association with the Charitable Society for Marriage and Family Guidance.

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Othaim, president of the charitable society and a judge at the Appeal Court in the Makkah province, urged the public to attend the program, which will be held after Isha prayer.

“The program is significant as it deals with the future of more than 1.52 million spinsters in the Kingdom,” said Al-Othaim, adding that it would discuss how to bring happiness to these unmarried women.

The program, which will be telecast live on Daleel, Makkah, Al-Majd, Silah and other satellite channels, will discuss the reasons for spinsterhood among Saudi women and their solutions.

“Measures should be taken to make marriage easy by making mahr less expensive and getting rid of unnecessary customs and traditions,” said Al-Othaim.

Meanwhile, Almawaddah charity will hold a three-day course from Saturday for women intending to get married in order to plan for their wedding. The course will be conducted by Khadeejah Muhsin Basira.

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