Interfaith Harmony award for Yusufali

A Madin Islamic Academy release here on Tuesday said that the award was aimed at strengthening the message of harmony and tolerance. It said that Yusufali was selected for the award in recognition of his promotional programmes on interfaith harmony initiatives that fortify the great slogan — unity in diversity.

Born in a Muslim family in Thrissur, Yusuffali has been working for the welfare of all Indian religious communities, including Hindus and Christians.

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2 replies

  1. Yusufali(one F) in the title & Yusuffali (two Fs)in the text. Which is correct?
    Where is Thrissur?
    Where is he from? Large Indian religious communities can be found in UK,USA, Canada,South & East Africa & other countries.
    Please, do not assume everybody is familiar with Yusufali/Yusuffali.

  2. Jazakh Allah Anwar sb. for bringing this to notice. His name is i believe Yusufali itself. Refer wikipedia
    He is an Indian living in middle-east.
    Thrissur is a city from the southern Indian state of Kerala.

    Thrissur is the place where Islam reached first in the entire Indian subcontinet and has the first ever mosque built in the entire Indian subcontinent.
    It was under the rule of the Hindu “Chera Dynasty” whose last king was Cheraman Perumal.

    The legend is that he abdicated his throne and divided his kingdom among the local chieftains to relieve himself from the duties of a ruler and left for Mecca to embrace Islam.

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