At least 80 killed as Europe cold snap sees temperatures plunge

At least 80 people have died from a severe cold snap in central Europe saw temperatures drop as low as -22F (-30C).

A child runs past a wave protection dam covered in ice as the waters of the Black Sea are frozen near the shore in Constanta, Romania Photo: AP
In Ukraine on Wednesday the emergency ministry said that death toll had now reached 43 after 13 people died overnight. Most of the victims so far have been homeless people who froze to death on the streets, but at least seven have died in their homes. Another 720 people suffering from hypothermia or frostbite have required hospital treatment. Poland’s interior ministry said Wednesday morning that a further five people had been found dead in the previous 24 hours, bringing the death toll attributed to the freezing winter weather to 27.

Further south in the Czech capital Prague at least 10 people have died while reports of other deaths have come in from numerous towns across the country. In Romania, where temperatures have fallen to -7.6F (-22C) in Bucharest and below -20F (-29C) in the countryside, eight have succumbed to the cold, including a baby who died in an unheated house.

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