When it Comes to Cloud Computing, It’s Deja Vu All Over Again


Source: Huffington Post.

Lauren States

Vice President, CTO Cloud Computing, IBM

It seems like everywhere we look someone is talking or writing about “the cloud.” The recent Consumer Electronics Show featured everything from 3D televisions to cars connected to the cloud. For someone like me, this is great to see and it’s an extremely exciting time to be in the technology field.

While talking to my niece last week, I came to a realization. She asked, “Aunt Lauren, what do you do at work now?” I replied that I help companies use cloud computing and went into details that no young adult should suffer through, which ended with me asking whether she understood.

Her response was, “You mean like the icloud thing from Apple?”

This struck me in two ways. One is that cloud computing has officially permeated outside of the tech world. The second is that, at its core, the idea of cloud computing is simple. We are removing all of the complexity associated with using information technology and giving people access to computing power they would never have had before.

But for some people who have spent a lifetime building all of that complexity in, that’s a tough pill to swallow.

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