I just sent a Tweet to the Pope Benedict XVI

The ease of communication in our global village reminds me of a verse of the Holy Quran that predicted these phenomena.  It is amazing that a revelation in the seventh century Arabia could so accurately describe the details of the 21st century.  See commentary of Sura Takwir: Chapter # 81.  The specific verse that I have in mind is:


“And when people are brought together as if they are a close family!” (Al Quran 81:8)

The Pope has a verified account in Twitter.  He has 35,500 followers and he is not following anyone.  He has made 5 tweets so far during the last year, starting in August.  I just sent him the following tweet:

Dear Pope, We have a specific cordial invitation for you to Islam. Please visit homepage of: http://islamforwest.org Regards!

I hope he responds to it, God willing.  To follow our conversation, if any, or to learn, who do I invite next, please follow me in Twitter: ziahshah1

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  1. Very commendable efforts on your part Zia Shah Sahib. Sincere efforts and prayers are our part, results rests in the hands of the creator. Do the best and hope for the best. Kalim-Maryland

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