The Vatican Celibacy Debate

Source: The Spiegel It’s shortly before daybreak and all is quiet inside the Vatican’s walls. The cardinals still seem to be sleeping in their generously apportioned official apartments. Flickering votive candles illuminate an empty Campo Santo Teutonico. In the pope’s quarters, though, the lights are already on. The first intercession […]

Chinese authorities bulldoze megachurch

Source: CT China Aid President Bob Fu said that the demolition had occurred despite the church being registered.  He called it “yet another clear example showing the escalation of religious persecution today by the Chinese Communist regime.” “The total disregard of religious freedom’s protection as enshrined in the Communist Party’s own […]

Where was God during Purim?

Source: CT The festival of Purim takes place tonight. Our road will be closed for the carnival and the biblical book of Esther will be read all over the world tonight and tomorrow morning. In some places, especially in Israel, the festival is extended until Friday. Everywhere, people dress up […]

Choose Faith

Source: CT Over the Christmas holiday, many of us will likely spend the holiday with friends and family celebrating around gifts, festive trees, and a feast. We’ll be reminded of the joys of being surrounded by loved ones and hopefully we’ll pause to reflect on all the many blessings in […]

The Geopolitics of Christmas

Stratfor: For Christians in Japan, 1597 was a bad year. After a decade or more of worrying that this foreign religious sect was weakening the country, Japanese officials decided to implement a final solution. They rounded up all the believers they could find, tortured them and then crucified them. To […]