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Zubair Khan

" Holder of three bachelor (honours) degrees in administration, management and strategic studies. Possess more than 40 years of experience on various managerial and adminstrative posts of private and public organizations. Contributes to Urdu and English periodicals regularly. Currently engaged as in charge Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Croatia

Who is trolling the Pope?

Source: BBC I was shocked when I saw them. I was sitting just a few rows behind a nun on a tram, when it stopped alongside some posters of a stern-looking Pope Francis. Underneath his glum, almost menacing face, was a list of complaints: he’d removed priests, ignored the concerns of […]

Germany’s Bavaria to ban full-face veil

Source: BBC The German state of Bavaria has announced plans to ban the full-face veil in government workplaces, schools, universities and while driving. “Communication happens not only via language but also looks, facial expressions and gestures,” said state Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann. But critics say the ban will have little […]

An Assault on American Values

Source: NY Times: The homeland security secretary, John Kelly, issued a remarkable pair ofmemos on Tuesday. They are the battle plan for the “deportation force” President Trump promised in the campaign. They are remarkable for how completely they turn sensible immigration policies upside down and backward. For how they seek […]

Swedish capital rocked by riots

Source:CNN Riots broke out in a predominantly immigrant neighborhood of Stockholm Monday night, as residents clashed with police officers and set vehicles on fire, Swedish police say. Officers were forced to call in reinforcements when a crowd began to gather in the neighborhood of Rinkeby during the arrest of a […]