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Zubair Khan

" Holder of three bachelor (honours) degrees in administration, management and strategic studies. Possess more than 40 years of experience on various managerial and adminstrative posts of private and public organizations. Contributes to Urdu and English periodicals regularly. Currently engaged as in charge Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Croatia

US Navy shoots down intercontinental ballistic missile in space from a warship off Hawaii for the first time in a landmark test

Source: Daily Mail The U.S. has shot down an intercontinental ballistic missile in space from a warship for the first time in a successful test, officials announced on Tuesday. In a first for the Pentagon’s push to develop defenses against such missiles capable of striking the United States, a missile […]

Research suggests link between declining fertility rates and increasing secularizing

Source: CT Declining fertility rates have a significant correlation with increased secularization, according to Baylor University professor Philip Jenkins. In a Regent College (Vancouver, British Columbia) live-stream titled “Fertility and Faith: A Conversation with Philip Jenkins,” the Baylor University professor of history and co-director of the programme on historical studies […]

China, India fire fueled by Pakistan Belt and Road

Source: AT PESHAWAR – Pakistan’s army and Chinese companies are in big business lockstep in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a US$87 billion plan to build ports, roads, railways and power plants to facilitate trade, spur growth and consolidate power over geopolitically contested lands. The scheme, designed to span Pakistan’s […]

The fourth R

Source: Dawn PAKISTANIS have an imperfect knowledge of the four Rs — Reading, ‘Riting, ‘Rithmetic, and Russia. To master the first three requires education. To open one’s mind about Russia requires a different set of intellectual pliers. Winston Churchill once defined Russia as “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside […]