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Zubair Khan

" Holder of three bachelor (honours) degrees in administration, management and strategic studies. Possess more than 40 years of experience on various managerial and adminstrative posts of private and public organizations. Contributes to Urdu and English periodicals regularly. Currently engaged as in charge Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Croatia

Religious intolerance termed alarming

Source: Express Tribune LAHORE: The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) and Peoples’ Commission for Minorities Rights (PCMR) have brought the attention of government rights bodies to alarming incidents of violence related to false allegations of blasphemy.Patron in Chief PCMR Justice (retd) Nasira Javaid Iqbal and Executive Director CSJ Peter Jacob […]

Alt-Media Is Speechless After Syria Reportedly Requested Quake Aid From Israel Via Russia

Source: Andrew Korybko’s Newsletter Damascus’ de facto reversal of its official anti-Zionist policies creates an unparalleled narrative dilemma for the Alt-Media Community whose members support Syria largely as a result of that aforesaid stance. They’re thus forced to either go against their own principles by praising President Bashar Assad’s reported […]

Human Rights Watch Joined The Ranks Of Amnesty International By Exposing Kiev’s War Crimes

Source:Andrew Korybko’s Newsletter The US-led West’s Mainstream Media is predictably silent and appears to be deliberately ignoring this “politically inconvenient” report. Drawing attention to it would erode the public’s confidence in their perception managers who told them over the past year that all war crimes accusations against Kiev are supposedly […]


Source: IHRC IHRC has taken notice deeply disturbing video1 circulating on socialmedia made by a Pakistan based hate organisation KhatmaeNabuwat, in which not onlyAhmadi Muslims, but all the human rights defenders, advocates andpolicticans, are the target of hate speech.A wave of bigotry against Ahmadis has intensified since the start […]

US and Taliban building a package deal

Source: AT US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan in an interview on Sunday with CBS’s Face the Nation discussed the evolving relationship between Washington and the Afghan Taliban. Three things emerged.  First, Sullivan disclosed that “over-the-horizon strikes” against ISIS-K from outside Afghanistan will continue, but he ruled out any return […]


Source: Dawn It was only a matter of time before the US finally pulled the plug on its longest-running war. But the speed and ease with which the Taliban wrested control of Afghanistan took the world by surprise. With the Taliban trying to reassure the world that they have changed, […]