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Zubair Khan

" Holder of three bachelor (honours) degrees in administration, management and strategic studies. Possess more than 40 years of experience on various managerial and adminstrative posts of private and public organizations. Contributes to Urdu and English periodicals regularly. Currently engaged as in charge Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Croatia

Ghana’s 100-year-old imam who went to church

Source: BBC Ghana’s chief imam is a man of few words, but the 100-year-old Muslim cleric certainly knows how to make waves – by attending a Catholic Church service as part of his birthday celebrations. Pictures of Sheikh Osman Sharubutu, sitting attentively in the pews of Accra’s Christ the King […]

Is extremism really getting worse?

Source: BBC There is a widely-held narrative that we are living through a time of worsening intolerance in the UK, with people becoming more vitriolic and polarised. But Dr Julian Hargreaves, an adviser to the government’s Commission for Countering Extremism, challenges the evidence. He wants research to produce a better-informed […]

Islamophobia and China

Source: ET While their manifestations are varied, religious intolerance and religious violence remain major problems in the world today. Within our part of the world, Hindus in India have become increasingly intolerant of their religious minorities, especially Muslims. Pakistan has its own share of religious and sectarian intolerance. Sinhalese Buddhists […]

Humanity has changed nature profoundly, but it may be only the beginning. Researcher Lauren Holt explores what the far future could bring for the planet’s organisms – and for us.

Source: BBC At 4913 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, there is an unusual institution. The Center for PostNatural History is a small museum with an eclectic and bizarre mix of specimens: you will find a rib-less mouse embryo, sterile male screwworm, a sample of E. coli x1776 (a specimen designed to be […]

SC and Minority rights in Pakistan

Source: Dawn THE conferment of the International Justice Excellence Award on former chief justice of Pakistan Tassaduq Hussain Jillani at The Hague is an honour for Pakistan; Mr Jillani deserves to be felicitated by the nation. The award was given by the International Institute for Justice of the Netherlands to […]

Ruling to jail woman in mosque noise case upheld

Source: AT The Supreme Court in Indonesia has ruled in favor of upholding an 18-month prison sentence for a woman convicted of blasphemy charges last year. Meiliana, a 44-year-old ethnically Chinese Indonesian, was accused of making remarks about the loudspeakers of a mosque in Tanjung Balai in North Sumatra in 2016. […]

US is ‘leader of world terrorism’

Source: TOI Who is propagating and encouraging terrorism in today’s world? Who wanted to use ISIS (the Islamic State group) as a tool?” Rouhani asked, saying that the US is harboring the leaders of the jihadist organization. “Even now America is hiding the heads of ISIS, even now they are […]