Alt-Media Is Speechless After Syria Reportedly Requested Quake Aid From Israel Via Russia

Source: Andrew Korybko’s Newsletter

Damascus’ de facto reversal of its official anti-Zionist policies creates an unparalleled narrative dilemma for the Alt-Media Community whose members support Syria largely as a result of that aforesaid stance. They’re thus forced to either go against their own principles by praising President Bashar Assad’s reported request for quake aid from his official Israeli enemies or protect their integrity by condemning what he just did.

The Alt-Media Community (AMC) is known for its members’ passionate anti-Zionism, which sometimes even extends to the extreme of peddling lies about the “politically inconvenient” Russian-Israeli Strategic Partnership such as pretending that President Putin is secretly an anti-Zionist. Its more moderate manifestation is the most common, however, wherein many of these folks explicitly explain that one of the reasons why they support Syria is because of its leadership’s official anti-Zionist policies.

In any case, the AMC is now speechless after Syria reportedly requested quake aid from Israel via Russia. Newly re-elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who’s popularly known as Bibi, publicly confirmed that he approved Syria’s request that Reuters claimed was relayed to Israel by Russia according to the self-professed Jewish State’s public broadcaster Kan. Although neither Damascus nor Moscow confirmed that report, they also didn’t deny it either, thus extending credibility to that claim.


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  1. All is fair in love and war. Current situation in Syria is similar to war. So one should not get surprised.

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